Are you there? It's me, Jenn....

While I have found it difficult to write any new and interesting stories lately, I've decided to re-visit some old ones. Lately, my passion to write has lacked just a little....and instead of just giving up on the things I love, I do what I normally do when I need inspiration, buy a new notebook and start another story. But instead of the new notebook, it's a blog. And even more important, a blog about my goals and accomplishments, better known as my "bucket list."

If you're interested, here's the link:

Getting back to those roots of what gave me the drive to write is important. And before I forget my journey to how I got where I am, I'd better try writing it all down first, even if in snippets here & there. But no worries, I promise to come back with even more writing pieces. I mean, it's not like I haven't been working on anything as of late. But the finished product should be good enough for me to want to hit "publish post."

And just so I don't leave you empty-handed, here's some Top Ten Awesomeness:

Jenn's Fall Playlist:

1) Emanuel & The Fear - Song For The Rain
2) Mae - Awakening
3) Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings
4) Pixies - Where Is My Mind?
5) Secondhand Serenade - Goodbye
6) The Early November - This Is Love
7) The All-American Rejects - The Poison
8) Lady Gaga - You & I
9) Yaz - Only You
10) The Beatles - Lady Madonna

I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to fall....minus the inclement weather on the East Coast. This year is going to get even better than it already has, I can feel it.

~Jenny Rockstar