what do you say to giving second chances....

Let's get one thing straight: when it's comes to music that sounds like it uses quite a bit of synthesizers and technology....it is a major turn-off. Frankly, I abhor it, because real music to me uses real instruments and has a more garage-like feel. Or at least that's how I feel when it comes to rock. It's probably why I am deeply attracted to the classic rock era of music....it's the closest to raw talent that I have listened to in a while.

So it surprised me when my fave fab NYC couple Team Stewart presented me with the album suggestion Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix. Definitely listening to my ideas of breaking out of my proverbial music shell, I diligently searched through YouTube archives to locate the suggested songs. Before the experience, I was super reluctant to give this album a try, as I would continually pass over it when I saw it on the racks at Target. Nothing about the album grabbed me....not even the rather plain album cover. Yes, in this instance, before even giving the band a chance, I automatically wrote them off as one of those emo bands with which they shared the shelf. 

But in an effort to keep up with my musical journey, I gave the band a listen while I caught up on my e-mails and Facebook updates. What surprised me the most while the faint strains of "Lisztomania" came through my computer speakers was an electronic/rock feel that the music seemed to embody. As I stated earlier, I don't really care for such an over-produced sound....yet I started to really enjoy the music. It has more than just that synthesized feel, more than just a bunch of produced sounds used to create something enjoyable....there is an element of actual instrumentation mixed in with all the technology. 

Kinda excited about the first selection, I promptly located the next selection they gave me, "1901," and clicked play. Even more interesting was that I thoroughly enjoyed the second selection as well....making me excited for finding "Fences" and playing that selection as well. Of course, I was just as surprised at that song as I was with the previous two....especially since all songs used an element of music that I never really considered "music" before! 

After giving the three selections a listen, I realized the importance of learning more about the different genres of music. It is imperative to give every type of music some sort of chance before you give up on it. A 'second chance,' if you will. Even though I found a more technologically produced sound to be not as aesthetically pleasing to the ear....adding in that element of actual instrumentation created a sound that surprised and intrigued me. In general, the music definitely reflected Team Stewart....a fashionista-type of garage rock. (So much so that I have purchased the album and it has been in heavy rotation in my car's cd player!) 

Music....can certainly surprise you. In ways that make you feel almost blind-sided and thrown. But I enjoy the feeling, because sometimes being pleasantly surprised makes you start to appreciate what you're listening to. Even contemplating giving a particular genre of music another chance, that's truly magical. 

~Jenny Rockstar

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