Living in the moment....

So it's been a while, I know. 

When it comes down to it, my life has been rather crazy the past few months so instead of venting it out here like a healthy person, I've been otherwise dedicated to finishing up my responsibilities as quickly as possible with minimal distraction. 

(That doesn't mean I haven't been writing though. On the contrary...I've been filling notebooks with thoughts and musings of all kinds!)

For the first time in a long time, I feel free. I worry all the time about what others do think of me (even though I wish I could tune them out sometimes.) It doesn't stop me from being who I am, but day after day almost seems like having to put on a little show for the world...not being able to display all of the colors in my rainbow. That stops here and with it, I find that I want to go forth even more and be myself...adding a few things here and there.  

This summer is going to be a little different. I've started creating a list of all the things I hope to do (or at least start/work on) this summer. There will be more writing, more beach trips, and a lot more living. Whether it be just doing more getaways with Matty for a night (or two) or even sitting on the local beach with a notebook, there will be more of that. More city trips, more laughter/fun times with friends & family, more pictures taken, and definitely more original band concerts. 

I know I live now, but there can never be such a thing as living TOO much! (Still got a lot of catching up to do on all the years I really didn't.)

I'm jumping in, head first--nothing can stop me now.

Contemplation Playlist:

1) Watch The Sunrise - Big Star
2)  I Can Only Give You Everything - Nick Waterhouse
3) Roots Before Branches - Room For Two
4) Valtari - Sigur Ros
5) Starships - Nicki Minaj
6) Shoot To Thrill - AC/DC
7) Breath of Life - Florence + The Machine
8) My Sweet Song - Toby Lightman
9) Unless You Speak From Your Heart - Porcelain Raft
10) Gotta Go - Oberhofer

~Jenny Rockstar

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