A new chapter....

At times, it feels surreal....the idea that I am finally married to Matt (and have been for the past few weeks.) 

And other times....like most of the time, I feel like we've been together so long that our wedding was merely a formality to express the seriousness of our bond and the love we have for one another.

Everything felt perfect. I felt so beautiful and overwhelmed with the love and support of everyone who came to our wedding. And especially the music was perfect...how could it not be?

And now? The best part is getting back to just sharing our lives each and every day. Waking up with him, cooking dinner at night, watching our favorite television shows, finding the simplest ways to remind one another that we love each other. 

With that said, today I finally got to finishing up the clean-up of all our wedding stuff and tomorrow, preparing to create our Thank You cards for everyone who sent us a gift and/or came to the wedding. But at the moment, with Matt playing a show tonight, I enjoy the cool breeze through the house, the smell of clean sheets, new music on my iTunes, and the chance to finally break my writer's block. 

Marrying Matt is one of the many great decisions I made in my life. I'm tired of thinking of the mistakes, especially the ones that I've learned and grown from. I hold their lesson, but their memory doesn't need to haunt me. I have plenty of wonderful memories to show that I have at least an idea of how I can continually improve. (And trust me, losing a few of those memories is okay with me.)

I'm embracing this new chapter. One where I get to have my happily ever after....with a little work and compromise. This is our time now. Matt and I have made over 6.5 years worth of memories to start the journey. Let's make a few more to go with them. More pictures to hang on our wall, more trinkets from moments captured, more smiles and laughs and hugs and kisses, more footprints along the path. 

~ Jenny Rockstar

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