Is it possible to be human?

While at home on a Saturday night (while Matt and the guys are jamming down in Ocean City, MD), I spent my time trying to figure out ways to keep myself amused and occupied. Let's face it: after this past week of catching up on EVERYTHING that I needed to, tonight I was at a loss of what to do. So, as a way to keep myself busy, I turned a website that has never let me down: YouTube. And in turn, I decided to start looking up some obscure videos of my favorite actors........in particular, Seth Rogen.

Now I remember seeing Seth Rogen in several different movies and TV shows that I grew up watching in high school. When Dawson's Creek was a hit TV show, I remember he made a cameo in an episode playing the one-night-stand of one of the supporting characters. Re-watching those scenes, I now have a deeper appreciation for his brand of humor and the way he seems to deliver lines. While his characters seem to always be similar in their demeanor and comedic value, I do love how he brings a distinct part of himself to each role. As I kept watching, I located old clips of Freaks and Geeks, one of his first shows (with which he was part of a cast of some of my favorite new actors), as well as a video of his early performances at age 13. Nothing but positive and meaningful clips.........until I reach the papparazzi clips.

Unfortunately, the papparazzi have a very negative view of Seth Rogen. In one particular clip, as they catch him walking down the street after grabbing lunch, he refuses to speak to any of them or keeps limited contact. After their encounter, I watched videos of these guys saying how Seth was horrible at showing fan appreciation because all he wants to do is sell his product to you and then blow you off, just like any entertainer.

After this clip in particular, it made me think about why someone would act so cold and indifferent to the camera and the answer is simple: THEY ARE NORMAL PEOPLE! Even during or after a performance or an appearance, an entertainer is just a person like you or me. While their faces are plastered everywhere, I'm sure there's that want and desire to have some time away from the cameras and away from the public. They run and hide to just retain some form of sanity. In fact, they crave the need to be alone and be with their thoughts just like anyone else. Just because they are famous does not make their needs any different from Joe Regular.  

I can relate in this instance, as even in the cover band world, the crowd gets so engrossed in the show that when all is said and done, their one hope is that the band is willing to party afterwards and continue giving of themselves. Sometimes, this is a possibility, as some fans are very down to earth and just want to hang out. Unfortunately, this is not the case all the time. I have encountered the fans that, for a lack of better phrasing, practically throw themselves onto the guys, despite wedding rings or girlfriends. Believe me, I've seen everything from girls blatantly inviting band members back to their rooms (with their spouses there and excluded from the invite) to girls who will grab one of the guys and force themself onto them.

Yet, just like any performer, it's a show.....and like any entertainer, they try to sell their product when they're in "show" mode. After that, however, all of the band members just have the opportunity to be normal people. Granted, the performance makes them look larger than life, yet they're just human. And like all humans, there's a need (and desire) to be normal.

~Jenny Rockstar

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