Boston.....where no one knows my name......

After yet another awesome show (this time in Boston), I have felt an abundance of gratitude for where my life is. I know I share this a lot with the people in my life, my gratitude and happiness. And it may come off as bragging or being showy, but I don't care. There are so many times in our lives where all we share with others is our grief and sorrows, our negative thoughts and feelings. And I always wonder: why not share the joy as well?

As I walked through Quincy Market this past weekend, I was reminded of the last time that my Converse All Stars touched ground in that very same marketplace 4 years prior. While it had been during an exciting weekend of Dane Cook and visiting the Cheers bars, I took in the nostalgia of the past and took a long, hard look around me as I am now. It got me to thinking about how different I was those 4 years ago when those same shoes strolled down the cobblestone path. My sneakers had been fairly brand new, just beginning to be broken in. The black canvas was still clean and unscuffed. The white laces pristine and the soles still intact. But as I made my way back into the market this time around, time had taken its toll on my shoes. Many times through mud, inclement weather, and the washing machine had worn the canvas to a faded black. The laces dirtied with the memories of people stepping on my feet at various shows. And it was then I compared myself to my shoes: being the same, only worn a little more around the edges through years of wear and tear.

I know that I may still be myself, but time has definitely made me a lot wiser and stronger than I could have ever imagined. I have more confidence in the type of person that I want to be and all the things I want to accomplish. Hell, even in the beginning of this year, I have accomplished two of my new year's resolutions, working on the third one as I write to you now. While a couple years ago I was still unsure of where my life was going, I'm still unsure now, but with the determination to let life lead me in the direction it wants me to go. And just like my shoes, that has brought about many new and exciting adventures that bring me even closer to the person I want to be!

~Jenny Rockstar

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