Wrapping up my dreams with a big red bow....

As I wind down from the rush of the holidays in Matt's and my living room, I can't help but feel blessed for the direction my life has taken this year. 2011 has definitely been not only a year of big steps, but a year of dreams coming true.

A few days before I turned 28, my friend Alison approached me about writing for her website, stylewhipped.com. It was the opportunity to write my own music column and share my love of music with more than just a handful of readers. Of course, I jumped at the chance and began to brainstorm for my first column: a holiday playlist. It wasn't until the night before my birthday that it truly hit me: by 28, I finally achieved the opportunity to write about music. About a week later, my first article was posted....and I started down the path towards my career.

Of course, I love blogging and sharing my love of music with all of you, but getting to share on a larger scale? It's only something I have dreamed of ever since I knew I wanted to be a music journalist! Matt was just as excited as I was, reminding me that while over the past few years I worried about when I would finally get the opportunity....that I had reached my goal. It was a beautiful moment, realizing that this year, my dreams came true. And I did it by just writing what was in my heart, not what others wanted me to write. 

Now that I've finally reached one goal, I plan on making more for this new year. I want to write even more, find even more music, continue pursuing those ultimate goals I have always wanted. If nothing more, 2011 has taught me that even the impossible can become possible. Look at me, I managed to not only secure my dream, but I've seen my favorite show taped, met one of my favorite bands, moved into a house, made more wonderful friends around the world, had my photography used on a larger scale & did it all by just being me. 

2012....you're going to be amazing, but you've got your work cut out for you, because 2011 kicked ass. I know that I'm going to hit the rough patches and I'm going to sometimes feel that I'm not quite making it, but I have to keep going. I have to keep reaching and hoping that I can make it. With the love and support of those around me, I know I can do it. 

And so, as I end this quick post to all of you, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Each and every one of you deserves all the happiness in the world and if you need it, I can share a little bit of my happiness with you. I'm dreaming even bigger in 2012, I hope you do the same.

~Jenny Rockstar
Music Columnist for Stylewhipped
(In the future, Contributing Writer for Rolling Stone....one day)

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