Sometimes....I just can't help but feel the love

Sometimes....I feel overwhelmed, but not in a bad way. I just see and feel the beauty of my life every chance I get. Whether it be in a song, a quote, a moment, a breath, anything really....my heart just feels the need to burst with joy. 

Today is Matt's and my four year anniversary. And my first thought this morning was how blessed I feel in this moment. Before this, I had thought that I may never find happiness in anything ever again. But slowly and surely, the pieces of my heart were put back together, all rips & tears patched up, the rough edges smoothed over. While my heart may never be the same again, I know that without Matt, I would not be the same. I guess this is what it really feels like when you meet the love of your life. 

You know, it feels amazing to feel this way, where everything and anything just fills you with such immense happiness....and now I wonder why I didn't think of this sooner. But life is about a journey, a path that we all decide to take. We make our own rules, our own maps and plan it out the way we think will take us to our destination.

I wonder where 2012 will take me in my journey. All I know is I'm ready to embrace it, all of it.

Bring it.

~Jenny Rockstar

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