What the world needs now is love....among other things

When I heard of the tragedy in Boston, I couldn't help but have a brief flashback to my freshman year of college and hearing about the Twin Towers. Two completely different moments of American vulnerability, but still sad.

I thought of people I knew running in the marathon and how scared they must be.

I thought of my family members who could have potentially been in Boston today.

I thought of my friends who live there.

I thought of the families/friends/fans who witnessed the event and what was going through their mind amid the chaos. 

And the mere thought that people still don't know how to live with one another without malice and hate...that's what upsets me the most. At work, I held back tears and pushed through the remainder of the day. On my way home, Matt & I discussed the potential new war that would be created if this were started by another country. (Frankly, I'm sick of war...when does it end?) And the minute that I walked through my front door, I couldn't wait to hug Matt and sit down to a delicious dinner with him so we could share our day.

Most of the time, we forget to appreciate those simple moments. Yes, I could dwell on what happened and just live in that sadness, but I don't want to. I will keep those in Boston in my thoughts and hope that those who have the chance to recover from this can. (And for those who gave their lives...I offer condolences to their families and hope they find peace.) 

Instead of dwelling, I went for a bike ride with Matt on our brand-new beach cruisers. (Matt's bike is mint green and blue, while mine is this sunny yellow. Very fitting for our bright personalities.) And in our brief 15-minute ride around the park just to test out our cool purchases, I couldn't help but genuinely smile, let my hair down and live in that moment with child-like wonder. Every little stress melting away as I rode carefree on the sidewalk, squealing with laughter at each dip and rise. There was even a moment where Matt & I rode side-by-side, beginning to understand which streets would be better for casual biking. A small moment, yes...yet meaningful in a way that was needed today. 

Tonight, most of us will be glued to our television sets to find out any updates we can. But with it, don't forget that it shouldn't be moments of tragedy that make you understand the importance of living life for the simple things. It should help you appreciate those simple moments even more, live those simple moments a little more, do anything to make time for those simple moments. You never know what's going to happen. 

Instead of focusing on our political leaders or dedicating time to sharing opinions on things that frankly just don't matter, spend time on people and things that will matter. (Because let's face it, we won't all completely agree on everything and it's dumb to think we will. Besides, our differences are what make us great! And no matter who is in office or leading the state or country, we'll be screwed anyway. No need to reiterate the obvious.)

There's enough hatred in the world...I'm ready to start taking away its power as much as I can with love, positivity and hope. 

Who's with me?

~Jenny Rockstar

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