So take me home...

Matt reminded me today that because of the moments we have shared and all the fun we have had there, Atlantic City truly is one of "our" places. And I would have to agree with that statement.

I can recall many wonderful moments when we had the chance to book a room for the night when Matt had shows at either that particular casino or a neighboring one. And like the many times before, we'd enjoy some drinks and laughter with our friends, a few hilarious moments at the tables or pool, or the best conversations/random bits of hilarity back in the room. And just like every AC trip ends, Matt has partied the hardest and I'm driving us home while he sleeps in the passenger seat. 

On the way home today, it got me thinking about how lucky I am to live in a state where one minute I could be at home, the next head out to the beach, take a train into the city one day and head down to the casino another time. And if I truly wanted to see horses, I could drive 5 minutes down the road. 

New Jersey is home to me and I am fiercely protective of those who choose to share with me how much they think it smells, or that they pay to go on the beach, or that there's so much traffic, or that it's a wasteland. (Frankly, if all you can say is that it smells, then obviously you haven't been beyond the Turnpike around Newark Airport.) 

While driving today, with my iTunes playlist blaring some Beach House and the sun out in all its glory, I took in my surroundings. On the way to the Parkway from Atlantic City, there was nothing but miles of glimmering water breaking against the rocks, sandy shores, and blue skies. And I felt calm, knowing that all I needed was with me right at that moment. The calming waters, my love blissfully asleep in the passenger seat, and the road ahead of me. I felt at home.

I've heard many interpretations, but in my opinion home is more than just a person or a place where you're understood. 

Home is a place that is filled with a healthy balance of normalcy and crazy, a place to be with your thoughts. 

Home is Matt, my friends and family. 

Home is my notebook or a piano. 

Home is a fire in the backyard, coupled with a glass of wine and chirping birds. 

Home is one of Matt's shows, where I can dance and let loose. 

Home is a New Girl marathon and take-out sushi on a night by myself.

Home is talking to an old friend and catching up.

Home is being sad and feeling lost every once in a while.

Home is the excitement of being on a train to NYC and being dwarfed by all the skyscrapers.

Home is the excitement of knowing that I'm heading home to Matt.

Home is being surrounded by children.

Home is the first jump into a swimming pool to commemorate summer.

Home is riding a bicycle downhill, letting the wind whip my hair around.

Home is New Jersey, where I can be sitting at a diner at 2:00 am with friends laughing my ass off about the most random things...or watching the sunrise with Matt on the beach in Spring Lake. 

Home....is my life. 

And it's priceless.

~ Jenny Rockstar

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