I let my music take me where my heart wants to go.......

Whenever I need a mellow moment or a boost of confidence, I always look to music to bring me through. Sure, I have an extensive collection of music that would impress just about anyone. Whether it be my knowledge of Beatles songs or a slight fascination with Van Morrison's Astral Weeks album, I give everything I find a fair chance on my music player. 

Music has been one of the very few things, aside from writing, that has kept me grounded. Any time that I have felt lost or confused, I can always find a song to empower and enlighten me in ways that I never thought possible. Hope is never lost when you have a song in your heart to remind you that things will always get better and that in those harder moments, perseverance will get you through. 

Lately, while continuing to be a rockstar, I've been writing more about the frustration I've had with pursuing the things I love to do. While I wish I could be doing those things immediately, I know that the process of getting there will be a slow and steady one. It comes with some uneasiness and sometimes not being as happy as I hope to be......but I know that as long as I hold onto those things that I love and keep on pushing through, I'm going to make it. There's no challenge too large for me and no task too difficult......even though the stress is overwhelming.

But whenever I find the right music for my mood, suddenly all those barriers fade away and I find myself swimming in the melody of the song and its glorious words! Every line brings me closer to that determination that I need to push through. Every chorus an epiphany......and sometimes within the verses, I discover clarity to a rather hazy situation. I see the Pulitzer Prize........I see the byline in Rolling Stone......I see my future going just where I'd hoped it would go. 

I know not everyone gets the same feeling that I do with music, but I don't expect people to understand. Instead, all I can hope for is that I continue feeling the same way about the things I love instead of losing that hope and drive that it has given me all these years. 

~Jenny Rockstar

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