It's Not Always Going To Be This Gray....

When I was a freshman in college, my father was the one to break the news to me about the passing of George Harrison. And while only moments prior to his call I was enjoying a blissful slumber, these very words shook me to the core. My favorite Beatle, the one affectionately known as "The Dark Horse," had lost his battle with cancer.

When I had begun to really get into The Beatles, I had started with a love for John Lennon. (And don't worry, when December 8th rolls around, I will dedicate a blog entry to him as well.) But while my love started with Lennon, it was when I heard Something that I fell in love with George Harrison. He was not known for his lyrical skills or a perfect singing voice, yet what I loved was his ability to make you listen when he performed. His songwriting chops improved as the years went on, with Something being recognized as one of the greatest love songs of all time. 

His guitar playing was magical, in more ways than I can even describe. His charm and subtle wit....endearing. George inspired me so much in my life that I remember writing one of my college papers about the progression of his music from the Beatles to All Things Must Pass, his debut solo album. Which brings to me to today, the 9-year anniversary of his death. When he first passed, I played his music as much as possible, wanting to share my love for George with everyone around me. 

Keeping in the spirit of things, here are the words to one of George Harrison's greatest songs: All Things Must Pass. I think it is most fitting in moments like these, where one realizes that no matter what happens in life, everything will pass, including life. 

R.I.P. George....even now, your music still inspires and moves me in everything I do. You will never be forgotten.

All Things Must Pass

Sunrise doesn't last all morning,
a cloudburst doesn't last all day.
Seems my love is up
and has left you with no warning.
It's not always going to be this grey.

All things must pass,
all things must pass away.

Sunset doesn't last all evening,
a mind can blow those clouds away.
after all this my love is up
and must be leaving.
It's not always going to be this grey.

All things must pass,
all things must pass away.

All things must pass
none of life's strings can last.
So I must be on my way,
face another day.

Darkness only stays at nighttime,
in the morning it will fade away.
Daylight has a habit of arriving at the right time.
It's not always going to be this grey.

All things must pass,
all things must pass away.
All things must pass,
all things must pass away. 

~Jenny Rockstar

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  1. Hi Jenny, I got to your blog by chance and after reading this Harrison piece, I wanted to say that I can relate to what you wrote. Also, I have a feeling you might enjoy my music project, The Quiet Celebrations. Here's a link to a page where you can stream an EP I recently put out. If you'd like, I'd also mail you a copy of it. Thank you.