Life in 27 random facts....

With my birthday only days away, I started thinking about this past year and just how much I've changed. There's definitely been a lot of change happening lately. Frankly, I don't think it has even taken a chance to stop in these past few years.

But I have found that despite all of that change....I have never felt more like myself than I do now. I have a wonderful boyfriend, a loving home & an incredible friend/family base that reminds me of my worth. As far as writing, while I may endure spells of "writer's block", I write whenever the mood strikes me. My music journey is still going strong, even though I haven't written much about it....and my music collection has expanded into different sub-genres. Overall, my many quirks and interests continue to flourish, but also evolve and change with time.

I feel grounded, more complete in a way than I felt through most of my life & sure that where I am now is where I need to be. That being said, I decided as a treat away from examining music and such, I'd re-do an oldie, but goodie. Almost two years ago, I wrote about "25 Things That Not Many People Know About Me"....which seemed to be more emotional and serious than fun. This time, I wanted to share more fun and less serious, and as an added bonus, make it 27 for the age I am turning....just for fun!

1) When driving to work, I always need to listen to my Glee mixes. It's become so much of a habit that I'm sure soon enough, I will have to make new copies of those mixes for my morning commutes. Something about those songs makes me feel so alive and jubilant....ready to face the day ahead.

2) Cleaning is like a drug to me. Sometimes I can handle a messy house, but I really love putting on my oldest pair of shorts and a tanktop, pulling my hair back and tackling the chore of making the house look perfect! When it's all done, I feel I have accomplished something important.

3) My family makes their own wine....and I love being involved! It's fun to try something I had never thought of doing before and finding pleasure in the results, with some delicious wine!

4) I love shopping for house items just as much as I love shopping for clothes, books, and electronics! Finding cute little kitchen items like a can opener or a cheese grater get me excited about cooking and what we could make when Matt & I need to use those items.

5) Laundry may just be one of my favorite things to do, especially when washing blankets, bedding, and towels. There's no better feeling after a long day than going under the covers and smelling the fresh scent on my pillowcase.

6) New York City will always be one of my favorite places to visit! I love the way the city comes alive the more you stop and look around. The hustle & bustle of it all never bothers me, nor do the bright lights and sounds of music coming from the subway....almost like the city has its own personality.

7) I am, and always will be, the eternal optimist. Yes, I was depressed for several years, but I still held onto the hope that things would get better....and they have. Life is too short to be miserable all the time, especially when there are so many wonderful things in the world!

8) I love using all of my senses! Strange, yes, but is there anything better than that first bite of a delicious meal, the smell of your favorite perfume lingering in the air, or the feel of bedding on freshly shaved legs? Oh yeah, I can proudly admit that I relish the use of those senses every single day.

9) Whenever I am alone with my iPod, strange dancing occurs. I don't care how I look or what I'm doing, but I'm totally in the zone with my music....even with showtunes!

10) This is not really much of a secret, but I have a slight obsession with The Monkees. I love the show, their music & I have met Peter Tork at least three or four times. This love for a fictitious-turned-actual band has gotten me through things like my parent's divorce and my senior year of high school. 

11) One day, I hope to own either a pair of Christian Louboutin or Manolo Blahniks. I've never owned an expensive pair of shoes and at least at one point in my life, I'd love to own something that expensive and beautiful.

12) I usually have a great sense of things to come. Like the upcoming year, for example....I feel that a great change in my life is coming and it's going to take me places that I've never dreamed of. Not quite there yet, but I know it's so close that I can almost touch it.

13) When it comes to celebrity crushes, I have a particular taste. I have never thought Brad Pitt was hot (except in Troy) and Orlando Bloom does nothing for me. But give me George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Cory Monteith, or pretty much any man that has that "classic" look and can rock a suit? I melt instantly. (It also doesn't hurt when they know how to play an instrument!)

14) I read fanfiction. I love the way other people take characters from a show and really take the time to develop their relationships with other characters in different ways. If this makes me a dork, I don't care.

15) I LOVE singing loudly to whatever music I have playing in my car! I'm pretty sure I've amused (or scared) many drivers who watch me as I make my steering wheel a drum kit and rock out to the radio, mixed cds, etc. Can't do it half-assed, you know.

16) More than anything, I think of myself as someone who loves the classics, whether it be in TV/Movies, clothing, style, or music, I find vintage or classic much more appealing. 

17) Even though I'm going to be 27 years old, I still have to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade to see Santa Claus. I always enjoy seeing what Macys has come up with every year in the way of floats & performances.

18) I'm a big kid....seriously. Cartoons, slinkies, finger painting....I love that feeling of just immersing myself in childhood fancies. When I have kids, I plan on sharing all of my childhood loves with them (and even being a part of it!) I hope I never lose this quality.

19) I keep a pack of Dentyne gum in a memory box I own. While it is probably stale as hell right now, every time I smell it, I think of my grandmother and it makes me smile.

20) On a whim, I signed myself up for a travel filmmaking course through the Travel Channel Academy. For 4 days, I had the opportunity to learn more about video cameras, as well as meet some of the most intriguing/wonderful people. In a way, it changed my life more than anyone realizes. To this day, I still keep in touch with at least one or two of them.

21) If I wasn't such a HUGE fan of New York City, I'd probably head out to California. Being there is like a second home to me....plus, I love the ocean more than words can say. (If anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket to visit, I'd love you forever!)

22) I would love to go on an actual picnic one day, complete with basket and blanket....in Central Park. What can I say, I'm a sucker for romance?

23) If I had to pick a favorite holiday, it would have to be Christmas. I love the feeling I get when getting gifts for others, decorating the tree, being surrounded by friends & loved ones, and indulging in all of the music/movies that I can! 

24) I am SUPER adventurous when it comes to food. My 14th birthday was at an Indian restaurant....my 15th was a French culinary experience. My father always reminded me that I had to try something once and if I didn't like it, I didn't have to eat it again. So far, there have been very few things that I put on the "never eat again" list.

25) I will buy super cheesy/horrible movies if they have one of my favorite actors/actresses in them. In fact, I could probably dedicate a portion of my movie collection to that very theme. (Case in point: Hybrid starring Cory Monteith.)

26) I am particular to the spelling of my first name. It is two n's, not one. Whenever someone writes "Jen," I equate the feeling I get to nails on a chalkboard. (I've gotten better as the years have gone by, but it's still an old habit!)

27) I know there are people out there who judge and make fun of me....but I don't care. Because while they still feel the need to rip me down, I'm at least secure with who I am and I'm sure that they hate me for that. I will never change though....it's far more important to be yourself in a world that wants you to be someone else. 


In the spirit of my birthday, I look back at 26 as yet another wonderful year of memories! 27....you have your work cut out for you. 

~Jenny Rockstar

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