And these highways are in so many songs........

Sometimes, it's hard to place the music I've received (so far) into specific entries. Frankly, it's a challenge to which I must admit a little defeat. But it makes me grateful that some of my friends have been able to give me such interesting (and awesome) choices in new music. And so, for a little treat today, as one does when they do "sightseeing", I'm going to talk about someone who has given me more music than I know what to do with! Very much like a tour guide. 

I first met Nick when Matt's band starting playing Wednesday nights during the summer at the bar/restaurant he works at. Gradually, we started joking around and talking during those Wednesday nights, yet it wasn't until this year when I found out just how much he loves music. He was one of the first people to give me suggestions for my music project and upon that initial request, has continued to send me music every few days since then. (Hell, come November, we'll be going to see Roger Waters perform The Wall at the Izod Center....talk about coincidence!)

While I had originally thought that it was going to be nothing but a classic rock experience, as he does love Pink Floyd and Billy Joel, I have found so far that most of the music that Nick has given me goes beyond what I could imagine. At first, there was some Ray LaMontagne and Jeff Buckley, two artists that I have come to enjoy listening to when I need a mellow mood for writing. Then came some Woodstock-era music with Richie Havens and Melanie, taking me back to my classic rock roots. But what really surprised me was the Rachael Yamagata and Shawn Mullins, two artists that I believe most with a Y chromosome would never really listen to. 

As I kept receiving suggestion after suggestion, I gave feedback on my favorites, shared a video or two that I found, and even continued further with certain musicians that really caught me aurally. I wasn't just given a roadmap on the journey....I was handed key "sightseeing" stops along the way. 

Most importantly, Nick has listened to what I was looking for and as a result, I have found a lot of new music that has made it onto my "to download" list in the future. It seems the more I continue to venture down this path, I'm finding more and more artists that I like. Music I may have never given a chance to before are going to become part of my iTunes collection in the future. (And for those interested in some interesting music, do listen to Martin Sexton while you're at it!)

But even better than that, I've learned that sometimes people surprise you with what they like. Appearances can't always tell you what music someone listens to. It requires more thought than that. Yet when you do find out about those little tidbits, you take more away from the experience that you had originally hoped. And for that, I appreciate my friend more for sharing his musical spirit. 

~Jenny Rockstar

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