breaking the project down.....

So I've realized with my new project that this may be something that pushes me to write more blogs, which I am looking forward to. Because honestly, after receiving pages upon pages of suggestions, I have found that I don't quite know where to start when I begin the writing, yet when I do start........I doubt the education will stop! And balancing this with my school photography job, family and friend outings, writing and my never-ending support for my bf and his music.......I've placed quite the task in front of me.

But what is music? For some it's more than just words and melody and rhythm all jammed together. It's about an expression of your soul. Just like artists create visual masterpieces and writers string together jumbles of words to evoke emotion, musicians are able to aurally appeal to their fan base with their words and melodies dripping in emotion. I find that above all else, music speaks the words that we sometimes cannot. There have been several occasions where I fail to find the words to express my true emotions. (And for me to be at a loss, being a writer, that is a rather difficult feat.) What can I say? There are moments that the music I listen to can explain what's in my heart better than I can. Whether that emotion be love, anger, pain, happiness, peace, camaraderie..........there will always be a song to fill that feeling.

With that being said, do expect my first entry soon, as I am currently sorting through the mass of music that has been bestowed upon me. And yes, quite a bit of it will be going onto my iTunes when I have the funds to do so. There will still be several different entries, such as my top ten lists and random trains of thought.....can't just neglect the rest of my life for one single project!

And for those who have contributed from their collections......thank you. I've found some of your selections to be quite exquisite, sometimes mind-blowing! I'm looking forward to sharing my findings with my readers.

~Jenny Rockstar

P.S. - As a side note from my current findings, I do recommend Jeff Buckley........his music (covers and original) are beautifully executed.

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