taking you on my amazing musical journey........

I've always heard it said that "the journey of a 1,000 miles begins with one step." I do have Lao Tzu to thank for those beautiful words, because they are more true than most people know.

Such a simple word, yet differing in meaning for each person that thinks about what this word means to them.

Some people travel internationally for their journey, believing that seeing new places and different cultures will help them to understand the world better.

Other people keep it more local, seeking the solace of their roots to figure themselves out.

Some have a spiritual journey to seek deeper meaning to their life, while others have journeys in self-discovery through family history and their past.

Journeys can be found in every decision you make, every idea you create, and every moment that you take a chance to take risks.

As a change of pace, I've decided to go on a journey of sorts.......a musical journey. And as an added bonus, I get to take all of you with me. Why? Because I'm stuck in a musical rut at this moment and in order to get out of it, I need everyone's help. I have such an extensive music collection, yet I feel it lacks something. It describes me perfectly, full of several different types of music that I find interesting, well-rounded and eclectic to a fault. But where now? I have so much music that has been part of my journey......and I need more to complete it. In turn, I get to learn more about those who I encounter along my journey.

So I set out to pose a challenge to my friends and those around me, for those who know my musical tastes to push me into different directions with music they feel I would like or appreciate. A pretty simple request, I know, one that has given me quite a few pages filled with nothing but artists, songs, or albums that I must listen to now.

I've received such suggestions from rockabilly to classical, indie rock to techno rock, international to local fare. And while I indulge in these new musical ventures, I hope to take you, the reader, on my musical journey through my experiences while I listen to the music that will help compose my life's soundtrack. I think it'll not only help me find new music, but also have the chance to learn more about the people around me; to grasp a sense of who they are through what they listen to.

I have a feeling that this one idea is going to change my life in some huge way, so let's see where this particular journey takes me..........I'm ready.

~Jenny Rockstar

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