In the Witching Hour.....

With Halloween in full swing, I've begun my "ritual" in celebration of the holiday.

Instead of my favorite cheesy chick flicks being in rotation, I pop on AMC's FearFest for some Wolf Man and Frankenstein.

In the car, my stereo blasts the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and I sing "Dammit Janet" at the top of my lungs....many people in their cars probably questioning my sanity when they catch me in the act.

I could handle some Nosferatu with a big bowl of popcorn, some Lindt chocolate truffles, and a glass of red wine.

And every paranormal investigation show replaces my usual Family Guy lineup.

Yes, Halloween is definitely one of my all-time favorite holidays....one where I spend as much time as possible trying to scare the shit out of myself with anything and everything abnormal.

So in honor of this ghoulish holiday, I have decided to add my favorite Halloween songs to listen to as I bring in the holiday.

1) Thriller by Michael Jackson - So it would only be fitting that MJ grace my list with this classic....and this one is no exception! I mean, come on now, the music video alone speaks for the song, with a Wolf Man scene, zombies, and that ever-famous zombie dancing. While it has been years since I've done the famous dance scene for anyone, I can't help but want to turn this song up whenever those opening notes arouse my aural senses. 

2) Poltergeist (Main Title) Theme Song by Jerry Goldsmith - The child-like music, those melodic voices....all topped off with creepy, ominous laughter? There is truly nothing more disturbing than this particular movie theme song. 

3) Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett - A classic! Anywhere I go, the moment this song comes on, I just have to bop around (even in my car) and sing at the top of my lungs (room permitting). (And sometimes, I wish I could even show off my version of the "Transylvania Twist"!)

4) Time Warp by Richard O'Brien (Rocky Horror Picture Show) - I can remember the first time I watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I could not have been more than seven or eight years old when the image of Tim Curry in fishnets and pearls was burned into my memory. Since then, add many a midnight showing complete with perfecting the choreography to this song....absolute perfection!

5) The Shining Theme Song (Dies Irae) by Hector Berlioz - For The Shining, it's not all about watching Jack Nicholson go completely mad! No, I find it even more frightening the way the opening scene captures the isolation of the family as they spend the winter at the Overlook Hotel. And for the initial panning of the camera, the use of one of Berlioz's most famous pieces....brilliant! 

6) Purple People Eater by Sheb Wooley - What a weird, yet hysterical musical number! I don't think there are even words to describe how much Purple People Eater makes me laugh every time I hear it. 

7) Ghostbusters Theme Song by Ray Parker - I think my favorite memory of this song was being in a dive bar in  the Village and having a Marine pick this particular number on the jukebox....all in honor of Bill Murray being in the bar that night. There are no words to the amount of "cheese" this song embodies, but it is still pretty damn catchy! Just keep remembering to ask yourself....who you gonna call?

8) Twilight Zone Theme Song by Marius Constant - A simple, ominous melody, interjected with Rod Serling's even creepier voice? Even though I won't be able to watch this particular marathon until New Year's Eve....I still cannot help but place this classic on my list.

9) Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon - Not exactly created for Halloween, but come now....what could be better than some Warren Zevon jamming out and singing about werewolves? Definitely a classic.

10) Psycho Theme Song by Bernard Herrmann - This movie gives me the creeps....in so many ways. Because while Janet Leigh's character is worried about being caught with all of that money, she has no clue that she has stumbled onto the craziest person of all....Norman Bates. And for this movie, the music needed to be perfect in the portrayal of the story. The violins and their creepy melody are what help to make Hitchcock's classic go from creepy to just downright disturbing!


There you have it, my favorite Halloween music picks....and on that note, hope everyone has had one killer Halloween!

~Jenny Rockstar

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