What it takes....

In the midst of wedding planning, I have been thinking about those who have married before us...and the ones to come...and what it all means. 

When I think about marriage, it's not all about the day or what's to come...it's the journey.

Roughly six months into our relationship, Matt asked me to move in with him. And while I was scared, I'm glad I took that risk. Sharing your space with someone else and learning how to work together became what cemented our bond.

And it got me thinking today about marriage....and how it's not the biggest step one can take.

Sure, it's a rather large step to make a commitment to someone by law, but personally....making the decision to live with your significant other requires a little bit more.

When you're with someone and you don't live together, there's space and the ability to avoid the hard conversations. But the thing is, when you do live together and those hard conversations come up, you learn to work through them. And in that, your relationship with that person changes in a way that strengthens the bond.

Through 6+ years, I feel more settled than I have with anyone else in my life. Matt and I still argue and disagree on things, but we work through it all. We laugh, cry, fight, share, cook, sing, dance, cuddle, dream, talk, smile, walk, and love....together.

Marriage is more than a piece of paper. It's more than just hanging out. It's everything. It starts before you walk down the aisle, before you decide to share a last name. It starts with living together, being around one another all the time and still deciding that this is what you want. It's more than sex, it's more about emotional intimacy and less physical. 

It's everything you find that you have needed and even secretly wanted. 

When it comes down to it, this journey has been an amazing one. I can't wait to see what happens beyond the paper, beyond the flash and sparkle. I'm ready for continuing this story and writing all the new chapters along the way. 

~ Jenny Rockstar

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