Accomplishing the possimpible....

I started thinking about this past year in reference to my personal goals. While the year itself has been one of great change and many wonderful memories made, I realize that when it comes to my own personal goals....I probably didn't achieve nearly as many as I had wanted to. 

I've always been taught that patience is a virtue when it comes to achieving goals, but even more importantly, taking that first step towards them needs to happen as well. So, in an effort to push toward my personal goals, I decided to list them. Enough is enough....I need to stop letting myself down and start pushing myself forward more! I'm tired of disappointment and hurt....it's time to keep up the joy and happiness in my life.

1) Write for a website other than my own blog. 

2) Continue to seek out new and interesting music....and write about it.

3) Take more walks on the boardwalk (even during the chilly months)....preferably with headphones.

4) Continue to write my book of letters to people that inspire me.

5) Take more pictures outside of shows.

6) Make peace with my fears.

7) Enroll in a college course....monetarily permitting.

8) Learn a new language (or brush up on a previously learned one).

9) Try to cook more ethnic dishes.

10) Write snail mail letters to a friend (or two).

11) Go back to California....Los Angeles (monetarily permitting).

12) Visit New York City more.

13) Visit Philadelphia.

14) Read more books.

15) Have more coffeehouse outings.

16) Keep pushing through my music project....and write more about it.

17) Stop feeling sad when people push me out of their big picture. (Because there are plenty of people who want to include me in theirs.)

18) Get onstage and sing a song with a band....at least once.

19) Get married and have children (not necessarily anytime soon, but in the future).

20) Go skydiving.

21) Take more random day trips....preferably with company.

22) Be more daring in what I decide to write about.

23) Save money.

24) Piece together my family history and learn more about my heritage.

25) Try snowboarding.

26) Find at least ten reasons to smile every day.

27) Learn how to play guitar.

28) Write more poetry.

29) Forgive more to those who deserve to be forgiven.

30) Never stop adding new things to accomplish in life.

~Jenny Rockstar

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