To Make An End Is To Make A Beginning....Saying Farewell to 2010

As we prepare to say goodbye to 2010, I can't help but feel blessed at all this year has given me! Through the good and the bad, I have experienced more love, laughter, friendship, smiles, and moments that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!

On the flipside, I've also experienced loss, heartache, and pain that I had never thought I would need to go through again. Yet here I am, stronger and more vibrant than ever, reflecting on all of the memories that I've been a part of. 

Now every year, I've been known to go through my list of people that I'm grateful for and thank everyone in my life for being there, yet this year, I'm deciding to change things up a bit. Of course, I am grateful for everyone and everything in my life, because where would I be without all of it? I would definitely not be where I am today....feeling like a part of something important. 

Instead, I can't help but focus on all of the negativity, hatred, stubbornness, laziness, greed, and spite that seems to exist. Frankly, it breaks my heart that people just can't seem to put aside their differences and show some compassion for one another. Instead, there is mud-slinging and throwing blame on each other....totally not necessary, especially during the holiday season! 

The whole concept of this anti-cheer really got me thinking about some of my own hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. I have my own to focus on, yet I do have some resolutions that everyone can be a part of! Wasn't it John Lennon who said, "All we are saying, is give peace a chance?" I think for once, let's all put our differences aside and create some hopes and dreams for this upcoming year:

1) Ban all personal hatred and negativity online. Frankly, I'm getting tired of watching others fight over a public forum about who slighted who. If you're going to fight, unfriend one another. A social network should not become The Jerry Springer Show. If you really don't have anything nice to say, just remember that success is the best revenge. Retaliating with nasty words only perpetuates the notion that you are just as immature as the  person you fight with. Unfortunately, if you really feel the need to fight, do it in private....I'm sick of being subjected to it.

2) Music should re-establish its relationship with emotions, not the Benjamins. It saddens me that nowadays when I listen to popular music, all that I can gather from it is its ability to generate money for banal, clich├ęd lyrics and over-played beats. Really? Can we only re-use classic songs and interject a techno rhythm in there....and call it music? I miss the days of less blingy hip-hop and more garage bands. I want that rise to the top, the feeling of music that touches you with its words and raw emotion, the way one feels when they connect with the music and focus only in on that moment. Music that makes me shed a tear means more than music that is fist-pump worthy. 

3) Everyone should smile more. In a time of economic crisis, I can empathize with the inability to see the silver lining in life. Yet smiling is a simple way to turn the tough times into something more bearable. Life is too short to go through it frowning. And you know what they say....smiling can be contagious. 

4) Don't be afraid to speak up against things that bother you. For this one, I see way too many people that don't open up their mouth when they feel the need to say something. For the new year, I want to see more people speaking up and fighting for what they believe in! We all talk a big talk....but walking the walk is much different.

5) Sharing more love and kindness with one another. Yes, this could fall under the whole need to smile more, yet I'm talking about how we communicate with one another. Whenever I'm in a store, I make it a point to always ask the clerk how they're doing, say "thank you" and "have a good day," and especially during the winter months where the weather is less that favorable, wish them a safe trip home. Those few moments of kindness really do resonate with people. (On a side note, reminding your loved ones just how much you love them is important....you don't always get a next time to say it.)

6) To not be afraid in changing the world. Let's face it: our government may put certain things into effect, but we have the power to change it. Sometimes one voice is all it takes to be the catalyst....so don't shrink in fear of being someone greater than you are. That one moment you try to make a change, something wonderful could happen. You never know.

7) Spend more time writing more snail mail letters. Yes, snail mail. We spend so much time writing e-mails and text messages that we forget what methods we used before that. I used to love the idea of walking up to the mailbox and finding a letter addressed to me. So, if you must, find a pen pal and break out the pen and paper. Just because some may find letter writing a little antiquated doesn't mean that it won't touch the heart of the letter recipient. (Also, a phone call never hurt anyone either!)

8)  Appreciate the simple things in life. The trend that I have noticed is that we're a selfish, greedy bunch. Material items mean more than immaterial, a video game replaces a good old-fashioned game of hide-and-seek. Whatever happened to a walk in the park or running through the rain? (Even in super snowy conditions, snow angels and a little snowball fight?) The simplest things can be just as fun as amusing one's self with video games and HDTVs. 

9) Be more considerate of those in the spotlight, especially if they are out in public. When I see people post videos of running into celebrities and the celeb tends to ignore them....I watch the person who was trying to gain the attention blast them like no other! Celebrities are people too, ok? It really makes me sad to see that if someone doesn't get a piece of memorabilia from someone like Johnny Depp or Kim Kardashian, that they'll automatically burn them on television or viral video. Would you like it if someone stuck cameras in your face all the time, demanding you give them something? It's not all about you, so give it a rest and respect the fact that they may be out to dinner with friends or walking their dog....not really wanting to put on that showface just for you.

10) Never stop learning. This feels silly saying this, but sometimes, I feel like most people forget this simple lesson. In order to continue living, we need to keep learning each and every day. It can be something as simple as attempting to cook, or complicated like emotionally connecting in a relationship. Whatever the case may be, no one should ever think that they know it all....because they don't. One person or thing cannot solve all the world's problems, only though trial and error can it happen. 


I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! Let's see if we can truly become the individuals that we strive to be in 2011. And if we can't, to at least take steps to getting there.

~Jenny Rockstar

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