A picture is worth more than just words....

When Matt and I moved into our own place back in 2009, we did everything we could to make it cozy. Little knick-knacks here and there around the apartment, replacing the bedding with ours, and a TON of pictures scattered on tables and walls to remind us of how blessed we are. As an added bonus, since we also had a blank fridge as a sort of canvas, we put up a collage of pictures....showcasing our year in review. Lots of those pictures were of friends and moments that we treasure more than anything else. Because let's face it, what would life be without those wonderful memories?

Last year's pictures were full of Tiki Bar moments, meeting new friends, being surprised by old friends, and even one full band picture to complete the spread! Every time we looked at our fridge, we could reminisce on those memories and relive them through stories. When we had to vacate our home during the summer for 6 weeks as it became a vacation rental, all of those pictures were taken down and put away for safe keeping. 

When the summer season ended and we were able to move back in, the same routine was performed: everything going back into its place and making our apartment feel just as cozy. But with time, however, came new memories and moments to share....which made the pictures we had put up last year a little bit old. And so, the task of flipping through my archives and carefully selecting new photos to arrange in a collage.

As I took to the task, I couldn't help but smile at this past year. While there were quite a few less pictures of certain friends, the new friends (and returning friends) that came into the picture filled those gaps! Different experiences developed, new friendships forged strong, people leaving (and returning), and moments that seemed almost impossible happened. 2010 had become the year to blast previous years out of the water!

With a new collage completed and new packets of pictures to admire, I grabbed my camera to capture the completed project....posting to Facebook, of course. It's important to share what's truly important in life: the people who help to make you who you are. True, there are many that venture through their journeys alone, yet it is those who you encounter along that path that shape you. I hope that everyone can be as proud of the people in their life as Matt and I are of the people in ours.

~Jenny Rockstar

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