Clearing the mind....and some dishes

As I was tidying the house today, I couldn't help but feel my mind become less cluttered with every piece of clean clothing that was folded and put away, beds made, dishes washed, everything in its place. Normally, I'm alright with leaving the house in a bit of clutter, as long as it's not too out of control. But, as always, the clutter piles up and up and before you know it....there's more mess in a space that was once clean.

Lately, I've been wanting (and sometimes needing) that cleanliness in my life. Mainly because it makes the house look pretty and inviting, but also to help me think clearly. For so long, I was okay with the clutter. Looking back on that feeling, I probably tried to avoid dealing with the mess that needed to be organized and thought out. Instead, I would work to fill the mess with more things that may or may not help me to find the solution. Unfortunately, it never worked. So with time on my hands and a head full of junk, I started cleaning.

At first it seemed daunting, just like any task. But soon enough, when I finished one thing, another thing would be started without hesitation. And slowly, but surely, as each task was accomplished, I felt freer. I felt less discombobulated and scatter-brained. I felt more in control of my life and all around me. Everything was being put in its place, space was being created for new things; my mind felt more at ease with every dish that I laid out to dry. 

I realize that there's still more to go, but I'm excited about keeping with this change. In fact, I welcome all that it offers.

~Jenny Rockstar

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