Friggatriskaidekaphobia....meh, whatever

Today is that uber-superstitious day again : Friday the 13th. Some people shy away from it, choosing to avoid all black cats, walking under any/all ladders, and anything with  ominous numbers. On the other hand, there are others who choose the other side of that coin; they dare to bend the rules and defy the odds by any means necessary. 

I tend to look at Friday the 13th as a "whatever happens, happens" kind of day. I have had positive and negative experiences on this very day. It doesn't mean that I'm not superstitious....quite the opposite. I don't step on cracks in the sidewalk, have an aversion to walking under any ladders, and treat mirrors like a fragile trinket in fear of breaking one. No, I just don't look at a day that is normally attached to "bad luck" as anything more than just a day. 

It got me thinking about the idea of good or bad luck. I do believe in it, yes, but sometimes luck is what you make of your choices. Luck is determined by you, not by some divine spirit. If you want something bad enough, the cards fall in a way to cater to your favor. It won't always be easy to reach for it, but it's possible to attain it with a lot of hard work. 

While I eagerly try to find some semblance of a "Friday the 13th" marathon, I can rest easy knowing that these superstitions don't dictate my life....I do.

~Jenny Rockstar

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