One Knock is Sometimes Enough....

When many think of 'opportunity' in their life, it's automatically assumed that the chance received will always be right away. Some forget that hard work needs to be incorporated into the equation, while many others tend to overlook the small things that could lead to the bigger part. 

While I was brainstorming over my upcoming columns, my editor approached me with a wonderful writing opportunity: an interview with a well-known Flamenco singer. At first, I will admit to feeling a little out of my element with the genre of music. But I figured, "why not" and accepted the writing challenge.

I know there are moments in life when we don't get to do the exact things we want, but many of us don't seem to remember that it is in those steps we take that the goal can be reached. Sometimes we take on tasks that seem completely different from the original path....and the results surprise us in ways none of us thought possible. 

That's the thing about opportunity: you don't know where or when it will knock....you just need to be prepared to open the door when it comes. And at 28, I've finally heard the knock.

Let's hope this door leads me somewhere great.

~Jenny Rockstar

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