droppin' some knowledge....Jenny style

Whenever I go out to one of Matt's shows, I am always amused. Whether it be the various dancers that head out to the floor after a few drinks have been downed, dirty looks from girls who think they have a chance with my man, or even the men that attempt to hit on me as I'm trying to enjoy a relaxing night with my girls; this is focused on the latter.

It doesn't seem to matter where or when it happens....on a night out where I hang out with my girls, men always seem to try and interrupt with drunken charm coupled with a need to get pretty girls up and dancing. The truth of the matter is, I dance every other time I'm out, so why do I need to get up now? 

The first time they walk away, I just shrug it off and go back to talking with my friends. By the second time I'm curious to their motivation, as I've clearly demonstrated that I'm not interested. But by the third time, it's just downright annoying. So in an effort to add a little bit of humor to the situation, here's a little something for the boys:

Dear Drunken Male Bar Patron Hitting on Me:

I know you think I'm cute and would love nothing more than for me to grace you with my sweet dancing moves. Of course, if you could word your slurring phrases in this fashion instead of making me feel like it's "wrong" for me to be sitting & enjoying the music....I wouldn't have to laugh with my friends at how ridiculous you are. 

Don't get me wrong, it makes me feel good that you want to talk to me and possibly buy me a cocktail, but I'm only really in it for the free drink. It's more than just the fact that my boyfriend is up on the stage performing and I'm here to see him play. It's the truth that I just don't want to talk to you, no offense. 

So please understand when I don't make more than polite conversation as your drink proceeds to spill on me for the 40th time. Maybe instead of a new drink, you can buy me a new outfit, asshole. Or maybe you could learn how to hold a drink while talking to a girl. 

Sorry if I offended you, but even if I was single, your behavior is a major turn-off. Have a nice life!


p.s. - Also, please don't make those stupid comments trying to be "cute"....I just find them awkward and confusing, so do my friends.  

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