Making the right changes....

Wow, I'm really enjoying this unwinding at the end of the day. After spending a rather large portion of my day cleaning, food shopping & researching for my next column, I've really started to think about what I want out of 2012.

Sure, I hope it's bigger and better than 2011 and all other years before, but what does that mean? What do I really want out of the next year that no other year has afforded me? As I sit here with my delicious green lemon tea (with honey), I started putting together a few goals that I hope to accomplish in 2012.

First, I know that my career is finally starting to take shape. In years past, all I would do is write and share with others what I wanted to share. Some tried to push me too fast in a direction that I wasn't really comfortable with, but that's okay. I lived and learned....realizing that I should never compromise what I know I want. So with my career underway, I plan on working towards my ultimate music journalism goal: interviewing my favorite musicians. It's a bit ambitious, but with my dream of Rolling Stone, it's all I could ever ask for!

Second, I want to improve on my health, which means better eating and exercise habits. I've already gone a couple weeks without drinking soda (or a lot of alcohol) all the time and I feel TONS better already!  Now all I need is to continue getting back into eating healthier (and exercise routines) and all will be right with the world!

Third, it would be pretty awesome to learn a new language this year. I have the basic ones I want to learn/brush up on (Spanish, French, Italian, German)....but to add to that list, I'd want to learn a language I've never thought of learning before, maybe Mandarin Chinese or Greek. Maybe as a way to communicate better with Matt's relatives from Greece, I have my answer as to which one I should learn. 

Fourth, if possible, I'd love to become a snail mail penpal for someone, whether it be a friend or a complete stranger. There's just something so special about receiving a letter in the mail. It means more than an email or a text. Spending the time to write to someone and share a piece of yourself with them? That's just wonderful. 

Fifth, whenever I get the chance, I'd like to travel more. I know I need to save more, so this may take a back-burner while Matt & I save money, but even a few day trips to new places couldn't hurt, could it? It could also be a good thing for my photography. 

Sixth, while writing about music continues to thrive for me, it would be fantastic to have a chance to attend a few concerts this year. I love seeing Matt perform as much as possible, but after seeing Bonnie Dune last summer, I realized I need to go to more original band shows. I felt a little more complete when I had the chance to do just that. 

And seventh, speaking of writing, I should write more in this blog! I've spent so much time focused on music lately, that sharing my thoughts and stories here have dwindled considerably. It shouldn't. I should start writing even more this year than I have ever written. Every thought and feeling that I can type, it should be here. 

Well, for now I'm ready to call it a night. Until tomorrow, my trusty readers. :::hugs & kisses:::

~Jenny Rockstar

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