appreciation....it's not just a one-time thing....

I'm a victim of a stressful job.

I think we all are at times....and especially this week, I feel like I am ready for it all to be done and for the weekend to start. It's not that I don't like my job. It's just at times, it tests me and pushes me beyond limits that I am comfortable with. Or more like the individuals that call in and deal with push me.

But with today, just like any other day, I work hard in doing one simple thing when life stresses you out....I appreciate the simple things.

How differently would my day have been without the nice gentleman who held the door open for me (when in his condition, I should have been the one holding it for him)?

Or the polite phone calls with the "how are you doing today?" and "have a great day" attached to their meaning?

What about the idle chit-chat with the teller at the bank when I had to make a deposit for work? 

Or the sweet smell to the air as I drove to and from work, lulled by my favorite radio station starting my morning off with Journey, ending it with The Beatles?

In those daily moments of stress, the details become imperative. Those moments of sheet simplicity where you can't help but stop and smile at their minor interjection, then their fade into the background. 

Even now, as I sit outside with my laptop, determined to enjoy a beautiful ending to a glorious May evening, I feel grateful that amid the chaos, I find the solace. I may even add a glass of red wine and a slice of cheesecake to assist in mulling over this glorious day. 

It's in the breeze rustling the trees, my iPod playing another one of my favorite songs, the birds chirping in synchronicity. It's in everything around me that sometimes I forget exists....

but on a day like today, I choose to listen and give thanks that I can enjoy these moments. 

Jenn's Appreciation Playlist:

1) Thank You - Led Zeppelin
2) Brand New Key - Melanie
3) Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles
4) Me and Julio - Simon & Garfunkel
5) Don't Stop Believing - Journey
6) I'll Be Waiting - Lenny Kravitz
7) Gold On The Ceiling - The Black Keys
8) Air - Ben Folds Five

~Jenny Rockstar 

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