pushing the musical boundary....

As difficult as it may be, I always seek ways to go outside of my comfort zone. 

Because it takes challenges to grow...and you can't grow if you don't push yourself.

And I think this summer, I'm going to push myself even further. 

I want to continue the music project I had originally started a few years back...and take it up a notch. I still have all my original notes and suggestions. (And you had better believe I delved into that list like a kid on Christmas...listening to every single note and harmony with rapt attention.)

This time, I am sure I am going to have a whole new group of music suggestions, in part thanks to all of the new friends and interesting music-minded individuals I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

I can't quite explain the pleasure that I derive from music. It's a high unlike any other. Granted, I feel the same rush when I hold my Canon Rebel in my hands or a pen over a fresh sheet of paper. But music has its own high. It gives me the strength to carry on (when I feel I can't) and the understanding that I need to take a breather (when I need to recharge). That it's okay to smile and cry from time to time. 

And getting to write about this experience? Even better. 

So what do you listen to? 

What is it that gets your blood pumping? 

(Or can turn you into a crying mess with the drop of a single note?) 

What song or album changed your life?

Or what in your collection do you keep to yourself, because you're sure that others would not quite understand how that music made it into your standard stock of albums?

I want to know about it, listen to it, and understand more about the people around me. Because there are so many who invest their time into interviews or other personal interests to assume that an individual's personality is based on favorite food or color. Personally, I feel that it's through music that you can learn so much more about a person. Music is a universal language that we all speak and relate to. 

And I want to take this onto a larger level, beyond just my normal group of friends and acquaintances. I want to get all the suggestions I can and gain a deep sense of understanding of people. 

More importantly, I want to continue to seek better understanding of myself.

Jenn's Self-Understanding Playlist:

1) Tighten Up - The Black Keys
2) All Things Must Pass - George Harrison
3) Thank You - Led Zeppelin
4) For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica
5) Limp - Fiona Apple

~ Jenny Rockstar

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