weathering the storm...

I love when it storms...

the way that the wind rustles the trees, that electric feeling in the air that crackles with a sense of purpose, those few scattered (yet perfectly executed) raindrops that land perfectly on my bare skin.

My body goes on high alert, the adrenaline coursing and pushing me to coax the storm out to play. To get the sky rumbling, the clouds looming ominously overhead, to run through the pouring rain. 

Storms are perfect in every which way, especially when I feel that inner storm in life. It feels like this great wonder of nature understands that I need an outlet, a way to feel in control of everything. And with inclement weather on the horizon, I relish in it. 

Somehow, it's in that chaos that I find the clarity. Because when you're put up against something that's as scattered and rough as you feel in that moment, you can't help but be humbled. It's as though nature just gets you without even trying. That you need to wash away the grime, make your soul feel clean again. 

We all weather the storms of life, some more turbulent and tumultuous than others. But we do it, because we need to push forward. We need to breath, stop waiting for the rain to subside, and just stand in the chaos and face it head on.

I can't wait to see what happens next....bring it on.

Jenn's Stormy Playlist:

1) Roxanne - The Police
2) Gigantic - The Pixies
3) Don't Stop Believing - Journey
4) Won't Back Down - Tom Petty 
5) Cannonball - The Breeders
6) Pennyroyal Tea - Nirvana

~ Jenny Rockstar

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